Navajo Nation Capitol Studio  October 2004-June 2005
a student-driven project aimed at re-designing the Navajo Nation Government Center in Window Rock.

2nd Edition Book on Strawbale Construction will be available on Princeton Architectural Press.
Title forthcoming...
available spring 2005

January 2004 New year brings oppportunities....

October 2003
Documentary project is in a waiting's going well to say the least...filming should commence next year 2004
Dine' Bi Hooghan
Kyrene School District Summer LInks Program June 2003
Made Hogans and Shade structure with Native Children (K-3)

December 2002
Anchorage, Alaska
I traveled to Anchorage to speak on the topic,  Native American Design - Incorporating Culture into Design (This is work related - DLR GROUP)

November  2002
Chevelle at Cajun House!
Thanksgiving with parents in Window Rock

October 31 Halloween
I am featured on REDNATIONS.COM
Interview -  A chapter of rkbjr!

October 6
Indigenous rocked last night!  Very cool show...

March 2002
Roof Geometry

Concept:  Accent the values of spatial planning  in addition to adding visual dynamics to the east...perhaps physically showing the reason we place the doorway to the eastern cardinal.
A  hogan's  value lies within the sacred domain of its unobstructed interior.  The structure is revealed...It implies form. My interpretation continues this precept yet I am elaborating it in a contemporary remake.  
This study is about how I intend to define 'Navajo Architecture; in today's realm.  It  is about experience...a interwoven display of cultural adherence and creative aptitude.  

Interior Foyer of Navajo Museum, Library, & Visitor Center
(photo courtesy of DCSW Architects)

Chapel at Veteran's Memorial  Park Window Rock, AZ