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Sanostee Chapter

Vertical planes of `Navajo Rugs' are projecting from the origin of the hogan-shape building.  

This is a general physical description of the Chapter house in Sanostee, NM.  Designer Harrison Martin of the Navajo Nation's Design and Engineering mimics the traditional aspects or motifs of Navajo Culture.  Concepts are derived from the elements of the arts and crafts, hogan, and livelihood.

The wall planes are constructed of colored, textured concrete block.  They are place in a way in which a rug is conveyed.  This type of design is well accepted because of the construction process.  Unadorned blocks units are assembled to create the effect

The doors are one of a kind.  Honduras mahogany and oxidized copper are juxtaposed in a unique geometric order.  The copper kick plates and push plates add to the vibrancy of the whole composition.

Other elements: The vinyl floor in the main meeting hall is design to a traditional basket.   
                            The security bars on the exterior are in the shape of corn stalks.

Architect of Record The Navajo Nation Design and Engineering Services