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"Travel is one of the most exciting ways to attain knowledge.  The thought of going  to  other countries has always been a goal, and to actually go there is even more exhilarating.  Also being away from the homeland (Navajo Nation) let me know what I have achieved.  It seems like an experience or journey is crucial to a person's well being.  I found this true as I was adventurously meandering through a shady street in Siena, Italy and climbing a mountain on the island of Sifnos, Greece.   When I was there, I was thinking about home in Tucson and Window Rock.  This reflection is about me and is a significant factor in personal growth."

Summer Program in Greece and Italy   June 2000

As part of a study abroad program with the School of Architecture at the University of Arizona, I was able to study in Greece and Italy for five weeks.  Our curriculum included sketching, watercoloring, journal writing, and photography.


The Parthenon on Athens, Greece
 Portofino on the western coast of Italy (Cinque Terra)
 A monastery on the Greek island of Sifnos

 Santorini, Greece (very awesome volcanic island!)

 Santorini, Greece

 Santorini, Greece

 Friends at dinner in Florence


Vernaza, Cinque Terre

Santa Croce, Florence

 Temple of Apollo, Corinth

Erectheion,  Athens

Boats, Mykonos Harbor

All photos,sketches, watercolours  taken May 28 - June 30, 2000 by Richard K.Begay Jr and remain the property of Richard K. Begay Jr.  Copyright 2000  Please obtain Permission of Use for photographs.